Weekly races every Friday evening where the participants are in competition for an annual championship: The membership card to the championship is compulsory and costs $30 by class, by pilot.

The track entry fees are $10 per person, and registration fees for the races are $25 by car. The registration card must be completed, in a readable maner and signed by the pilot of the car in competition. The registration card must be returned back to the staff at the starting line, before entering the track.

- Free trials 18 h - 19 h
- Qualifications, with card 19 h - 21 h
- Eliminations 21 h - 23 h

The awards are distributed in the following way:
Class 1:
- First gained round: free Entrance for the next race VFT
- 20$ per gained round, from the second round.
- Winning finalist: 100$
- Finalist:: 75$
- Semi-finalists: 50$.
Class 2:
- Winning finalist: 100$
- Finalist: 75$
- Semi-finalists: 50$.

Note that the membership card is essential for the accumulation of your points in championships VFT. The checking of each individual takes into account only fifteen ( 15 ) best performances of the members during the season. Additional prizes are granted to the annual champions of every class. Every competitor-member and his vehicle must be registered at the starting line and registered at the track to obtain championship points.

The cars of the participants are classified according to three classes described as follows:

- Class 1, Cars performing 7:50 AND and faster.
- Class 2, Cars performing 7:50 AND and lower.

- Class Street-Prestige Street legal
Factory street cars, production models; no modification allowed to the frame; tires with smooth sole, slicks, allowed; but bearing the symbol D.O.T. The use of cooling liquid with glycol of ethylene, such Prestone, Peak and others, is forbidden in the vehicles of Classes 1 and 2. All the cars must be equiped with at least one functional rear light. The use of sidelights in front and rear is however recommended. The use of tires with soles of cross-country type, of winter or considered too aggressive is forbidden the events VFT.

Street-Prestige Street legal 2018 Formula. Before each event in the calendar 2018 of the FULL THROTTLE DRAG SHOW ( FTDS), a small group of competitors of the Street-Prestige street legal class will be selected for a race by invitation only, in each of these weekend prograsms. This race is reserved to the pilots with 16 fastest race times of the class. They will be identified and invited every Friday preceding the races FTDS. The program of Saturday includes a period of qualifications and a first round of elimination Street-Prestige; the remaining rounds disputed the next day, on Sunday. In each of these races, 4 finalists of the group Street-Prestige will have a guaranteed place in finale annual disputed on the closing program. The annual champion will be jointly crowned with the FTDS champions.

* The NHRA regulation serves as reference if needed.


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