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Regulations regarding competitors registration

In order to have access, for various reasons, to the restricted zones as defined below or to be allowed to participate in the event as runners, officials, observers, servants or in any other capacity, the signatories to this Agreement acknowledge that they have inspected, or undertake to inspect, such areas and any part of such areas that they may be required to visit on their own behalf and on behalf of their representatives, successors and relatives, as soon as they arrive at the premises and on a regular basis thereafter. In addition, the signatories affirm that their mere presence in these restricted areas means that they acknowledge that they have inspected the premises and declare them safe and reasonably adapted to their needs. They shall also undertake to inform the circuit officials without delay of any hazards that they believe the restricted areas or their surroundings may present and to leave the premises immediately.

Restricted areas are defined as the race track, fueling pits, between-runways, clear and approach areas, closed areas, as well as parkways, grounds and other areas adjacent to the competition venue.

The signatories to this Agreement:
1- Waive any legal action against the renunciants (e. g., the promoter, participants, sports associations, governing bodies or their representatives, the operator, owner or officials, car owners, drivers, supply teams and generally, persons in the restricted areas, organizers, sponsors, advertisers, owners and tenants of the competition venues as well as their servants and employees). They further indemnify and hold harmless the Releasees from any liability to them, their successors, assigns and parents, for any loss or damage, or for any legal action in respect of bodily injury, property damage or injury resulting in their death, occurring while in or around restricted areas and/or while taking part in the event as runners, officials, observers, attendants or otherwise, whether or not such bodily injury and property damage is attributable to the fault of the releasees.

2- Agree to indemnify and hold harmless the renunciants, individually and collectively, for any loss, liability, damage or expense that they may incur as a result of their presence in the restricted areas or participation in the event as runners, officials, observers, servants or otherwise.

3- Assume full responsibility and risk of injury, material damage or death due to negligence on the part of the renunciants, or during their presence in the restricted zones or their participation in the event as runners, officials, observers, servants or others. By express agreement, the signatories acknowledge the very dangerous nature of the competition and the risks of serious injury, death and material damage that it entails. They further agree that this Waiver Agreement shall apply as broadly as permitted by the law of the province,or State, in which the competition is held, and that should any provision thereof be declared void, the remainder shall continue in full force and effect. The signatories declare that they have knowingly read and signed this agreement, which constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. No oral statements, promises or actions that could alter the text of this Convention have been made by either party.

I have read and accept this agreement:



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