Competitors registered in the FULL THROTTLE DRAG SHOW series are all in contention for their share of the prizes, both in money and merchandise, that will be handed out at the end of the racing season. Following a calendar of 5 weekend programs, with 10 races in total, real $s in prizes, those holding the points fund members card will share the following prize monies.

This points fund is highlights the special emphasis FULL THROTTLE DRAG SHOW invests in drag racing right here, at home. Just as the prizes at each race, these points funds are GUARANTIED by FULL THROTTLE DRAG SHOW. Additionally, from the get-go, participating members will receive a FULL THROTTLE DRAG SHOW cap, rebate coupons towards the purchase of sponsors provided motor oil, fuel, and more. The membership card costs $30 and is available online or at the race track. To earn points, the driver and vehicle must be an active participant to the FULL THROTTLE DRAG SHOW events. 

Competitor finishing, for example, fourth, third, second and first in either Super-Pro or Semi-Pro classes will receive prizes as seen bellow:

- 4th : $500
- 3rd: $400
- 2nd : $800
- 1st: $1300
Plus a drum of racing fuel (45 gal)

- 4th : $100
- 3rd : $200
- 2nd : $400
- 1st: $800
Plus a drum of racing fuel (45 gal)

Junior Dragster:
- 3rd : $100
- 2nd : $200
- 1str: $300

Award ceremony
As mentioned above, an evening diner-event will be held in October, at ICAR' reception hall, to award these prizes.


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